London, UK

Since joining ECC in 2014, Richard has gained considerable experience in analysing European energy markets.

Richard joined ECC after completing a degree in Economics at the University of Bath, and has since gained extensive expertise in analysis of energy contracts and markets in Europe, with a focus on natural gas. In particular, he has experience in analysis relating to gas price review arbitrations in Europe. He also has experience in upstream oil and gas markets, including analysis of new areas of supply and upstream economic modelling.

Recent Assignments

  • Recently led analysis for a contract dispute in Denmark for the long-term supply of gas. This involved extensive analysis of the client’s sales portfolio and market analysis of the relevant countries.

  • Built an upstream economic model for a new gas development in North Africa.

  • Conducted analytical support in a large contract dispute in Poland, involving quantitative and qualitative analysis in a number of energy markets across Europe.

  • Completed extensive analytical and commercial work for a dispute regarding an LNG contract in the Netherlands, involving a full valuation of the client’s sales portfolio, natural gas markets in Europe and the global LNG market.

  • Provided support in various areas for a dispute relating to the value of upstream equipment, which involved analysing upstream costs and environments in Eastern Europe.

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