• Niall Trimble

What does the future hold for the Gas Industry?

The gas market seems to be full of uncertainties at the moment. Gas prices have gone from almost 80 p/therm last September to just over 30p now. LNG deliveries into to Europe have surged upwards in recent months. The government is now talking about the entire energy market switching to electricity in the future. What does the future hold for the gas industry?

The Energy Contract Company has published its indispensable Gas Market Review for over 20 years to help market participants make sense of market trends. The 2019 Gas Market Review focuses on the market across North West Europe and covers the following key topics:

  • Recent developments in the UK market including; an analysis of the massive gas price volatility in the last year and an assessment of recent developments in government energy policy.

  • Recent developments in the European market including massive policy changes in Germany and Belgium.

  • Key drivers for gas prices in future including the growing role of LNG and the decline in traditional source of gas.

  • Forecasts of World LNG Supply and Demand balances

  • Forecast of gas prices across Europe on a quarterly basis up to 2024 and on a yearly basis up to 2035

To enquire about the 2019 Gas Market Review or to purchase a copy at £1495 plus VAT, contact Niall Trimble: or call 0208 891 2905

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