Bali, Indonesia

Originally an operational Petroleum Engineer, have worked in the commercial domain for the last 25 years.


30 years of oil & gas experience, with over 20 years experience in South East Asia.  Particular expertise in business development, negotiations, joint venture management, gas markets, and unitizations, generally focussed on gas and LNG. 

Recent experience as a consultant for Mitra, New Zealand Oil & Gas (NZOG), Mitsui Oil Exploration Company (MOECO) and Hague & London Oil (HALO).  Before becoming a consultant, worked for Medco, Murphy, Talisman, Salamander and Hess.  After graduating worked for BP for 20 years, in the UK, Holland, Norway, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi and Indonesia.

Recent Assignments

  • During 2015-16 led negotiations by MOECO (majority foreign party) with PetroVietnam (PV) on Vietnam Block B (a high profile, complex gas project), notably gas sales negotiations and pipeline commercial arrangements. 

  • In 2013 negotiated and completed various agreements (PSCs, JOAs, farm-in agreements) leading to Murphy acquiring 4 new blocks in Vietnam.

  • In 2012, restarted the overdue unitization of the highly material Suban gas field, complicated as Suban had been on production for many years. Part of the 3-man team who closed the negotiation. 

  • Led the negotiation unitising the three PSCs for Tangguh LNG in Indonesia, a critical requirement for sanction.  Negotiation was initially with the partners, and subsequently with Government to secure approval.