Processing & Transportation (Third Party Access)

ECC is an industry leader in the management and negotiation of third party access arrangements having represented both infrastructure owners and those seeking access to infrastructure on numerous occasions. ECC’s extensive experience enables it to provide industry training on this subject.

ECC can assist clients in evaluating the field development and infrastructure options from the initial request for services, economic evaluation, compliance with codes and legislation (the Industry Code of Practice or ICOP in the UK) and the negotiation of terms with potential host facilities owners.

There is normally a study agreement and two main agreements, firstly a Construction and Tie-in Agreement covering the initial tie-in to the host facility and secondly a Transportation and Processing Agreement covering the field life services. ECC can provide expert assistance to address the many detailed issues, such as liabilities, rights to capacity and process services (primary separation, water treatment, water injection, gas treatment, gas lift, provision of power etc.), inlet and redelivery specifications, shut down of the host facilities, back out of production, emissions, crude quality adjustment, abandonment liabilities as well as tariffs and service assurance.

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