Price Modelling

Whether establishing the value of natural gas in a price review, calculating possible netbacks achievable by a producer, or modelling contractual price terms, ECC has extensive experience of assessing the value of oil and gas. This is especially important in the current economic climate of Continental Europe, where gas markets have experienced a fundamental shift in pricing dynamics. ECC is intimately involved in price review proceedings for a number of large European gas importers, and has successfully contributed to the resolution of a number of disputes on value.

A wide range of techniques are brought to bear on the problem of establishing value, from analysis of sales invoices to detailed best substitute modelling. ECC has also developed innovative tools for the analysis of futures contracts put in place by sellers of natural gas, tools that are in use in a large number of on-going disputes. With a wide variety of techniques available, ECC is able to advise clients on the best measures of value in their markets, as well as support for negotiations on pricing terms.

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