Mentoring and Coaching

Whilst coaching deals primarily with skill building; mentoring is the passing on of experience, wisdom, guidance and advice to support and encourage a Mentee to manage their own learning so they can maximise their potential, develop their skills and improve performance.

A combination of mentoring and coaching is required where development relates to an employee needing to acquire or apply specialist knowledge and skills such as for example in conducting commercial transactions in the oil and gas business. The organisation benefits with increased staff capabilities and productivity and the Mentee benefits from increased knowledge, confidence, self-awareness, influencing skills and performance.

ECC offers a service which essentially combines mentoring and coaching where our experienced consultants acting as Mentors:

Ufuoma Ebruke, a recent mentee of David McGough, offered the following feedback:

“The first key learning I got from my time with David was an appreciation of the vital importance of thorough preparations before each negotiation. Through his expert guidance during the course of several complex commercial negotiations, I picked up several other key lessons which have enabled me to develop the necessary skills that I now use to undertake commercial negotiations and achieve desired business goals.”

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