LNG Export, Shipping, Storage and Regsification

ECC is one of the leading independent consultants in the LNG industry, with significant experience in each segment of the LNG value chain. ECC has represented governments, infrastructure owners, project sponsors and those companies seeking access to LNG export, shipping or regasification capacity on numerous occasions. ECC has a track record of LNG project development from conceptual first principles through to full commercial operations. ECC works closely with its clients to develop the project commercial framework, negotiate the key commercial agreements (JDAs, SPAs and TPAs), run the economic / financial models, secure the project finance through to the final investment decision and beyond. For clients wishing third party access and capacity in LNG production or regasification facilities, ECC will assist in securing access including negotiation of the relevant throughput agreements. Assisting infrastructure owners and project sponsors, ECC is experienced in developing detailed LNG production and shipper scheduling models for the berthing, export/import and regasification of LNG and can also provide commercial operations and agency services for clients if so requested.

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