Corporate Governance & Risk Management

In the growth of a successful company there comes a time when either business or regulatory pressures create a need for more systematic assessment, recording and approval of projects and transactions. Through its experience in industry, ECC can help clients establish appropriate corporate governance and risk management systems to ensure projects are progressed in a measured fashion and that decisions are verified at critical stages, often referred to as “gates”. This ensures that the commitments made and the progress of the project are commensurate with the quantification and understanding of the risks.

Many larger corporations have extensive assurance and governance processes and large numbers of employees and systems dedicated to these processes. ECC aims to provide the checks and balances of such a system, but without excessive “business drag”. The success of any governance process is primarily dependent on the enthusiasm with which it is embraced and the rigour with which it is applied by the host organisation, rather than the exhaustiveness or complexity of its design. For this reason it is important that the process is developed within the company rather than simply “bought in”. ECC will work alongside you to ensure that the system developed is tailored to your organisation.

ECC can also provide independent input into project reviews or commercial “peer” reviews.

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