ECC provides expert analysis and testimony in international and domestic legal and regulatory disputes in the oil and gas industry. Our professionals provide industry expertise, market knowledge and analysis, and quantification. Our experts apply detailed analytics in the context of domestic and international arbitrations, litigations, regulatory proceedings, and government inquiries. We have provided expert testimony in international and domestic disputes and arbitrations before ICSID, UNCITRAL, ICC, SCC, LCIA, U.K. courts, and European planning agencies. We frequently appear as expert witnesses before arbitration panels around the world. We have frequently been appointed as experts by arbitral tribunals, assisting such tribunals in the dispute resolution process. ECC provides expert services to the oil and gas industry ranging from detailed analysis to objective and independent expert testimony in matters involving all issues underpinning international arbitration disputes. Our experts provide in-depth knowledge of industry practice; identify key issues in any dispute; develop and apply relevant concepts; and use sophisticated techniques to develop independent, objective, and reasonable analyses and opinions. Our experts have participated in some of the largest and most significant disputes in the oil and gas industry, particularly with regard to pricing issues in the European gas market. They have presented oral and written evidence before arbitration tribunals in proceedings and hearings.

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