Mike Lockhart

Mike Lockhart has over 25 years’ experience on the commercial side of the up and mid stream oil and gas industry. He has worked for Trafalgar House, Hardy Oil & Gas, the Kuwait Oil Company and BG.

He has held senior commercial management positions in the UK, US, Canada, India, Israel, Palestine and Thailand. In addition he has experience of the up and mid stream industries in many countries including Australia, Egypt, Kuwait, Pakistan, South America and Holland.

 He has led negotiating teams on all forms of up and mid stream agreements including:

As a senior commercial line manager and business developer Mike has in depth experience of all the commercial aspects of upstream projects from identification through commercial, economic and political assessment through to implementation.

Mike retired from BG Group plc in late 2008 and has been an associate consultant of ECC since that time. His work with ECC has included advice on gas marketing in the Eastern Mediterranean and expert advice on JOA interpretations.