Dr Lawrence Tal

Dr Lawrence Tal, Head of Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments at ECC, is a senior M&A and business development executive with a 20-year track record in evaluating, structuring and executing transactions in the natural resources industries. Prior to joining ECC, Lawrence was a Vice President in Shell's Exploration & Production international division and a Managing Director in Rio Tinto's M&A and Business Development team and has led projects in the valuation and risk assessment of international oil, gas and mining assets and companies and successfully negotiated a number of transactions. Lawrence has produced testimony in disputes related to the valuation of projects and assets in the oil and gas industry.

A former Shell E&P Vice President and regarded as “one of Shell’s top negotiators”, he led teams in the execution of oil and gas transactions in the Middle East and Asia.  Shell career highlights include:

As Managing Director, M&A and Business Development for Rio Tinto, Lawrence’s successful transactions included:

Lawrence has also set up and managed oil and gas investment teams for London-based financial institutions and was previously Vice Chairman and Head of Energy and Resources at CQS Management. His teams have met and assessed over 250 energy companies and assets and made investment recommendations using reservoir engineering, geosciences, and financial valuation tools. Highlights include:

Lawrence is a graduate of Oxford University, where he completed his Master's and Doctoral degrees specialising in the economics and politics of the Middle East and North Africa. While at Oxford, Lawrence was the John M. Olin Fellow at St. Antony's College and Lecturer in Politics at Trinity College and published articles on international natural resource and boundary disputes.