About us


Founded in 1988 by Managing Director, Niall Trimble, the Energy Contract Company (ECC) was created to service the developing needs of the liberalising energy markets worldwide, specialising in identifying and negotiating optimal contracting philosophies for the sale and purchase, transportation and processing of energy products.

ECC has since grown through the appointment of four Executive Directors, Anthony Way, David McGough, Nick Witney and John Tan; Associate Director Murray Durham; and a team of highly experienced Associates and Analysts. This has enabled ECC to provide a more comprehensive and tailored range of services across the energy value chain, from reservoir to burner-tip. 


By combining energy contracting expertise and an exceptional, in-depth knowledge of global energy markets, ECC is uniquely positioned to help clients extract maximum value from ventures and opportunities in the oil and gas industry. Meeting the challenges and needs of our clients throughout the world, ECC provides the most capable, tailored and up-to-date skills in driving energy projects from their successful sanction to completion.

ECC offer a range of Transactional, Analytical, Expert, Strategic and Commercial services, supporting companies and energy projects throughout their life-cycle. ECC also offers a variety of highly-regarded industry Training courses delivered either in-house or through its organised public courses.